Here at Texila, we nurture our nursing aspirants to resolve next-generation problems!

College of Nursing

Nursing professionals play a critical role in the vast healthcare sector. That is why Texila American University’s college of nursing in Guyana offers the most exceptional courses and facilities that produce the finest nursing professionals. Since nursing professionals tend to the psychological and emotional needs of patients along with their physical needs, TAU’s school of nursing in Guyana lays a strong foundation for developing competent nurses who are dedicated to the well-being of people.

Message from the Dean


My warm greetings and welcome to the Texila American University College of Nursing!

I have joined the TAU community because of its impressive vision for nursing and of its commitment to quality, service, and excellence in nursing education, nursing practice and nursing research. The College of Nursing embraced the university’s “Bringing Education to Life” practice in the implementation of its programs. This, in itself, may be a reason for you to join TAU-CON.

Nursing is not only a vibrant, inspiring, and fulfilling but a rewarding career as well. By this advancement and significant change in the professional career of nursing, today is specifically the motivating time to be involved in the field.

Nurses serve as caregivers, managers of care, patient advocates, researchers, health educators and, increasingly, as health care leaders. This made the demand for nurses consistently strong and the predicted growth is well above average both in terms of the number of jobs, nationally or internationally, including salary expectations.

Nurses play a major part of the health care workforce, providing a strong sense of leadership and competent services across all settings and in collaboration with other health care workers. The demand for highly-qualified nurses in leadership roles, clinical care, public health, teaching, and research are expected to continue growing as we develop further into a stronger workforce of health care professionals. Nurses are the essential key to the success of health care and collaborative efforts are linked with various health professionals to provide and achieve optimum care.

The TAU-College of Nursing has teamed up with faculty members who are specialized in their fields of practice. They have full commitment and sense of self-responsibility in providing a standardized means of nursing education thru their continuous participation in continuing professional education. This has been an integral aspect to maintain and enhance their skills and competencies so they could continuously help and support our students to achieve their personal and educational objectives.

Here at the Texila American University College of Nursing, we truly love our profession and we take professionalism very seriously. We hope that our vibrant goals and expertise in the nursing field will motivate you be at your best as a compassionate, responsible, nationalistic and creative professional nurse.

For those who are equally passionate in nursing or have the fervent desire about serving humanity through competent nursing practice, you are all welcome to join our community and together we will promote change and difference in the health care industry.

My best wishes to everyone!

Dean-College of Nursing

I am a medical student at Texila and I like the University very much because the faculties are very good and well qualified. In short, Texila is the best with its quality of education.

Ms. Abirami Saravanan,
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)